Feld Notes

Like @macgenie’s guinea pigs, mine also enjoy sharing cucumber.

Perfect weather in Wollongong today!

Peak nerd: listening to Kyrie by Mr. Mister through the bedside-table iPod Hi-Fi (or ‘old HomePod’, as Natasha calls it). This kind of thematically appropriate time-wasting is possible on the Easter long weekend.

My Vote Compass 2019 results! Yay Australian politics

A lovely sunset over Mt. Keira during the ride home

A number of tech commentators believe that Apple should acquire Nintendo. I agree that this would be a great idea, although I question whether they have considered certain consequences. Read more in Death by Brand Fusion on Lounge Ruminator.

For guinea pigs, this is truly the life.

Australian lawnmower advertising

I Want It All by Queen is one of my favourite songs to play on the HomePods. In contrast to other artists we play, we’ve noticed that Rogue and Rio become more vocal and sing along whenever they hear Freddie Mercury’s voice. Genuine fans!

Great success at the Dapto Markets with Natasha!

Rumination No. 34: Barista in Beta – Lounge Ruminator

The best view

Daily Rumination No. 33: Takeaway on a Plate

Hello there, Illawarra! It’s good to be home. 🏡

See ya, Melbourne. 🌇👋🏼

I’m away for work at the moment and have been thinking about the unusual experience of dining alone. (There were others elsewhere in the restaurant but this section was quiet.) It’s very odd to have dinner without family discussion and you take a lot of more notice of your surroundings.

Some online commentators seemed confused about the purpose of Apple’s recent services event. I had a crack at answering it: Apple and the Craftsmen – Lounge Ruminator.

Melbourne sky

I was thrilled to spot a lyrebird in Morton National Park today! It sounded like various native birds were making noises in the same area, until I worked out that just one lyrebird was mimicking all of them. There was some traffic noise nearby but it could still be heard well.

Bee in motion!

30-pin Stereo Syndrome is still a harsh reality for many.

A lovely day in Kangaroo Valley 🦘

Daily Rumination No. 30: Screenshots – Lounge Ruminator

Easily one of the cutest movie characters

I’ve concluded that certain people must think that I’m strange. Whenever I bring up topics like the importance of typefaces in messaging and design, I receive blank looks.

Quick thoughts and photos